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Do you dream about something more?

Do you dream about developing your tennis and trying out yourself? We can offer tailored annual plan with tournament overview, physical and training plan.

We have access to WildCards in all of Europe. If you’re missing a sparring partner who are ready to help you, then please contact us for a non-mandatory chat.


Do your club miss the right player for club matches or college with scholarship?

We offer players from all over the world with the qualifications you seek. We have a good mix of players of all age groups and for all types of matches at different levels.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a dialogue about your wishes


Our main goal is to create and nurture fulfilling longtime relations with our clients and between our clients and their sponsors. The human side of each business relation, a strong work ethic, loyalty and mutual respect are the ways to achieve it.


Scandinavian Tennis Agency have connections to trainers with the best education and certificates in coaching and training.

We offer coaches with skills in all the different aspects of the game, Physical, Mental strength, Tournaments and Technic.

We can arrange the perfect solution for you as a Club or as a Player.

  • JUAN-DAVID-CANO-CARRILLO-trainer-scandinavian-tennis-agency
    Juan David Cano Carrillo (ES)
  • Jordi-Mane-Ridaura-trainer-scandinavian-tennis-agency
    Jordi Mañé Ridaura (ES)
  • Tennis trainer Masan Artem assigned with Scandinavian Tennis Agency
    Masan Artem (UA)
  • Tennis Trainer Jose Manuel Roman Gomez assigned with Scandinavian Tennis Agency
    Jose Manuel Roman Gomez (ES)


The people behind Scandinavian Tennis Agency have a dream.

We want you to become a part of that dream and start your new life in tennis.

 Scandinavian Tennis Agency is an international management partner for tennis athletes.

We are based in the Capitol of Denmark, Copenhagen

The world of tennis can seem overwhelming.

Therefore, we are here for you to put the complexity into action.

We work for the players to create and produce the perfect plan, so you can develop and concentrate on your game.

We have the skills, values and commitment to ensure your success throughout years in the sport management environment.

Scandinavian Tennis Agency have a good mix of experience both from the tennis court, behind the tennis scene and most important, we have the right connections in all of Europe to support



In order to achieve our vision of becoming the preferred partner in the tennis world among players and clubs, we have entered into agreements with a wide range of partners, all of which have strong competencies in the sports world.

We are therefore strong in meeting the demands of clubs and players so that goals and successes are achieved

Our main goal is to create and fulfill long-term relationships with our players and clubs.

The human side of each business relationship, a strong working ethic, loyalty and mutual respect are the ways to achieve it.


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